Documentos de trabajo

"Bayesian Semi-Parametric Markov Switching Stochastic Volatility Model"
Audrone Virbickaite and Hedibert F. Lopes
DEA Working Paper No. 89, October 2018

"Particle Learning for Bayesian Semi-Parametric Stochastic Volatility Model"
Audrone Virbickaite, Hedibert F. Lopes, María Concepción Ausín and Pedro Galeano
DEA Working Paper No. 88, May 2018

"Polarization or Moderation? Intra-group heterogeneity in endogenous-policy contest"
Daniel Cardona, Jenny De Freitas and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
DEA Working Paper No. 87, May 2018

"Temporal Aggregation of Seasonally Near-Integrated Processes"
Tomás del Barrio Castro, Paulo M.M. Rodrigues and A. M. Robert Taylor
DEA Working Paper No. 86, March 2018