Información para los visitantes

1. The inviting professor

As invited seminar is generally proposed by a professor of our department, the inviting professor. She/he will take care of all administrative and organizational aspects of your stay, so you can refer directly to him for any question and doubt. 

2. Before the arrival

Please make sure that we receive as soon as possible, an email with the title, abstract and an electronic version of the article you want to present (preferably in pdf format), as well as the following information about you :

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Personal home page

3. Seminar

Our research seminars are held on Fridays at 11am. The time for presentation is 45 minutes plus discussion. The seminar room is equipped with a projector and a computer with internet access. PowerPoint and Acrobat programs are installed there. If you wish to use the provided facilities just bring the presentation saved on a USB stick.

4. Hotel

The invited speaker has the option to book an hotel independently and the Department will reimbourse up to 70€/night for two nights by presenting the invoice to the administrative staff. Alternatively the Department will try to book a room at Hotel Born.

5. The Department of Applied Economics

The campus of the University of the Balearic Islands is comprised of several buildings. Make sure that the taxi driver leaves you at the Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos building, the home of the Economics and Business faculty.

6. Funding

The costs of travel (train, flight, taxi and bus) are reimbursed by bank transfer after presenting the appropriate documention, generally an invoice. The administrative staff will also need the original boarding pass of your flight, a copy of your passport or ID card, and a bank account number (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT). Reimoursement can be also made with a check in Euros that can be changed at the same campus.

For your convenience, you can fill the translated reimboursement form in advance to your arrival.

7. Lunch

After the seminar, the department is pleased to invite you to lunch.

8. More

9. Further questions about the seminar organization

Should be sent to toni.rubi (at)