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José Luis Groizard:
"Exporters versus domestic wage adjustment during the Great Recession in Spain", Economics Bulletin, 35(3), 1598-1606, 2015, (con P. Gayà)

Marc Escrihuela-Villar:

"A note on the equivalence of the conjectural variations solution and the coefficient of cooperation", The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, forthcoming

Maria Tugores y Dolores García:

“The impact of innovation on firms' performance: an analysis of the hotel sector in Majorca”, Tourism Economics, 21 (1), 121-140, 2015

Tomás del Barrio Castro:
“On the Behaviour of Phillips-Perron Tests in the Presence of Persistent Cycles”, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming, (con P.M.M. Rodrigues y A.M.R. Taylor)

Tomás del Barrio Castro:
“An analysis of the trade balance for OECD countries using periodic integration and cointegration”, Empirical Economics, forthcoming, (con M. Camarero y C. Tamarit)

José Luis Groizard, Helena Marques y Maria Santana:
“Islands in Trade: Disentangling Distance from Border Effects”, Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, forthcoming

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"Do we care about sustainability? An analysis of time sensitivity of social preferences under environmental time-persistent effects"
Michela Faccioli, Nicholas Hanley, Catalina M. Torres Figuerola and Antoni Riera Font
DEA Working Paper No. 71, July 2015

"Group-contests with endogenous claims"
Daniel Cardona and Antoni Rubí-Barceló
DEA Working Paper No. 70, June 2015

"An Extended Theory of Rational Addiction"
Federico Perali, Luca Piccoli and Knut R. Wangen
DEA Working Paper No. 69, January 2015

"Tax evasion and the optimal non-linear labour income taxation"
Salvador Balle, Lucia Mangiavacchi, Luca Piccoli and Amedeo Spadaro
DEA Working Paper No. 68, January 2015

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