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Daniel Cardona Coll y Antoni Rubí Barceló:
“Investments and bargaining in a model with positive consumption externalities”,
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, forthcoming

Daniel Cardona Coll y Antoni Rubí Barceló:
“On the efficiency of equilibria in a legislative bargaining model with particularistic and collective goods”, Public Choice, forthcoming

José Luis Groizard:
“Trade Costs and Job Flows: Evidence from establishment-level data”, Economic Inquiry, forthcoming, (con R. Priya y A. Rodriguez-Lopez)

María Santana y Jaume Roselló:
“Research note: Which God is good for tourism?”, Tourism Economics, forthcoming, (con J. Fourie)

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"Imperfect Eco-labeling Signal in a Bertrand Duopoly"
Lucie Bottega and Jenny De Freitas
DEA Working Paper No. 62, September 2013

"Offshoring, Exporting, and Jobs"
Jose L. Groizard, Priya Ranjan and Antonio Rodriguez-Lopez
DEA Working Paper No. 61, June 2013

"Would a real depreciation of the euro improve the French economy?"
Riccardo Magnani, Luca Piccoli, Martine Carré and Amedeo Spadaro
DEA Working Paper No. 60, May 2013

"Do happiness indexes truly reveal happiness? Measuring happiness using revealed preferences from migration flows"
Helena Marques, Gabriel Pino and J.D. Tena
DEA Working Paper No. 59, March 2013

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